Is CBD Good For You?

Cannabis has many health benefits, despite the fact that it causes users to become high. Not only can it decrease anxiety and inflammation levels, but it can also reduce chronic pain, increase, reduce seizure activity and more. Unfortunately, even in states where the use of cannabis is legal, not everyone wants to experience being high. Fortunately, cannabidiol (CBD) is an alternative. Derived from the same plant as cannabis CBD is devoid of the intoxicating portion yet still provides many of the same benefits. However, many potential users may wonder if CBD is good for you.

CBD is a natural derivative of the cannabis plant, but smoking or ingesting it in some other form will not result in users becoming high because it does not contain THC, the portion of the cannabis plant that causes psychoactive effects. Unlike marijuana, CBD can be used as medication in order to treat various ailments. In addition to smoking CBD, users can consume it in certain foods and drinks, absorb it through patches and beauty products, and even obtain it through oil.

According to the Mayo Clinic, numerous ongoing clinical studies are being conducted in order to determine the safety of CBD as well as discover any possible new uses. Studies so far have shown that the use of CBD can come with some side-effects. These side-effects can include diarrhea, fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth, reduced appetite and more. CBD may also interfere with other medications, such as blood thinners, due to the fact that CBD itself has blood thinning abilities.

In addition to possible side-effects, which not every user experiences, another possible safety issue involves the dosage and purity of the specific CBD product. There have been studies conducted on CBD products sold online, and a large percentage of them were found to contain different amounts of actual CBD than listed on the label. In most cases, there was less CBD than the manufacturer stated. Studies also revealed that more THC was present than stated, which could lead to a psychoactive high when not intended, and/or even failure of a drug test.

It’s always a good idea to discuss the possibility of using CBD prior to beginning with your medical doctor. Your physician can advise you of whether or not any pre-existing medical condition or possible medications might interact with CBD. You should also be aware of the fact that like marijuana, the use of CBD is not legal in every state. So if you’re ordering it from the internet, ensuring that it’s allowed in your state is important to find out beforehand.

All in all, CBD can good for you. Of course, the amount and frequency of use must be taken into consideration. Excessive use could increase your chances of experiencing some undesirable side-effects. As long as you use the proper strain recommended for the desired condition, in moderation, CBD could potentially be very good for you. Also, researching the company and/or manufacturer in advance is a good idea, to ensure the correct potency and more.