The Disadvantages Of Marijuana

There have been many debates favoring the use of marijuana where certain regions skew towards legalization and moderate use of the drug; however, no one can negate the disadvantages of marijuana. There are many types of research, articles, and publish content by leading health experts and medical professionals who believe that the problems of the drug far outweigh the advantages and in certain regions, there is a massive outcry on the legalization of marijuana.

Some disadvantages of using the drug include:

Dizziness and Migraines

People suffer from the light spell of dizziness, and in some instant, the immediate result of using marijuana is extreme headaches. In this sense, the use of the drug can even be fatal as most people head straight to the driving seat after taking cannabis. While there are regulations in place to prevent people from driving under the influence of drugs, however, it is challenging to analyze what effect a person is having, and sometimes the dizziness can be a slight but at times it can be to the extent that a person loses his sense of direction and can potentially cause a massive accident.

Disturb Your Eating Pattern

If you are a fitness enthusiast, taking marijuana can pretty much ruin your diet routine. Smoking marijuana has an impact on pathways in your brain that in turn will trigger untimely hunger span and a problem with digestion. A person who is a regular user of the drug will not be able to manage his diet, and this can lead to other health-related problems.

Paranoia and Depression

Many types of research have time and time shown that using marijuana is not helping you cause even more if you suffer from depression and anxiety. People who have psychological problems suffer an extreme level of paranoia when using cannabis. It is one of the reasons why the regulation of the weed has taken severe criticism as it allows an adult to buy the substance without having to prove anything regarding his mental stability.

Risk of Heart Attack

If you have a heart condition, you put your life at risk when you take the substance. Even if you have no complications still taking the drug can increase your chance of having a heart attack for a few hours! All studies have shown that users of the drug will experience an increase of the heart rate where one can expect to develop the risk of heart attack by 4.8 times just within the first hour of taking the drugs. With these researches, it comes as no surprise that most medical practitioners are not in favor of using the drugs even moderately or without a doctor prescription.

Can Hamper your Analytic Skills

Some researches and studies have shown that long-term users will suffer from damage to their analytical and mathematical skills. This condition indicates that marijuana use harm the brain, and thus it is best to stay away from the drug.

Respiratory Problems

One of the active ingredients in marijuana is carcinogens that harm the respiratory system. When you smoke the pot, you expose your lungs to the high quantity of smoke that is rich in carcinogens. While casual users can experience chronic cough and other types of respiratory issues, frequent users can risk their lives as the use can lead to the formation of cancer and different life-threatening ailments.

Chronic Pain in the Body

You can develop chronic pain if you smoke marijuana regularly. Long-term use of weed can drive to a medical situation described as Cannabinoid Hyperemesis that can direct to queasiness and vomiting. People also suffer from regular stomach ache is they consume this drug at high levels without a break. Due to this reason, most people who are heavy users are frequently visiting doctors with body pain issues.

Dangerous for Your Children

If you are a mother, not only you are at risk of putting yourself in a health predicament, but you will also pass on harmful chemicals to your babies if you are breastfeeding. One of the compounds that marijuana can put in your system, and you can transfer to your child is tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound can influence the motor skill of a baby at a young age.

Create Dependency

While many people consider the drug harmless or they claim to take in moderation; however, all scientific researches have shown that marijuana soon will bring the person into a state when he becomes an addict to the drug. With different studies, the point that came out is that all long term users of marijuana develop a dependency on the drugs and it will become difficult for them to give up smoking marijuana. Those people who attempt to give up the weed at the later stage will have to face severe withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, depressions, eating disorders and sudden fits of anger and emotional outbursts.

These are some of the disadvantages of smoking marijuana. Other complications that regular use can bring in people relate to social interactions as well. The people who prefer to get high, use the stuff and it leads to parties and events where the drug is available in a heavy dose. Regardless of the efforts, it is hard to monitor the use of the drug, and its reaction also varies from person to person. While many people claim to observe no problems with moderate use of the drug, the problem is that soon you develop dependency of the drugs and go from reasonable use to high usage, and you become a frequent user. Due to the health risks and disadvantages the marijuana remains restricted and banned in most countries of the world and in some places it is allowed under prescription. However recently some states have legalized its use amidst the protest of a health practitioner. Generally, harms marijuana will cause to a body is far worse than many people understand, and it is better to keep clear from using the substance. In other cases, it can be a drug of use under the prescription of a doctor.